Central Banks, CBDCs and Financial System of the Future — Principled Discord Pt.6

In this week’s episode of Principled Discord, our host Thierry Arys Ruiz is interviewing Alexandre Kateb, Economist, Founder and CEO of the “Multipolarity Report” and Adjunct Professor at SciencesPo, on central banks’ relations to innovations, new technologies, and how to navigate this new financial world. Mr. Kateb has discussed how central banks have been hesitant to adopt new financial innovations such as cryptocurrencies as they are often seen as an opposition to central banks.

However, established players are increasingly entering the field; companies like Facebook, Paypal, and institutional funds. Central banks are now almost forced to consider DLT technology and study the viability of CBDCs as they come to realise that there is a real demand for cryptocurrencies. According to Mr. Arys Ruiz, “‘Big Tech’ companies are comparable to countries on their own: if you have many billions of users, you have the power of controlling; to a certain extent an economy within an economy."

Banks are adopting these technologies in a complete U-turn as in the very recent past, they had shown little interest. Mr. Kateb, believes that implementing these decentralized assets in the current system may lie on the shoulders of private entities.

Take a look at the latest stats of Central Banks’ increased engagement in creation of CBDC:

Mr. Kateb is of the view that “[CBDC] will enable transactions in a faster and much more straightforward way and can skip intermediaries, the banks, and allow people, individuals & companies to exchange money between them wi