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Mark Valek on Wealth of the Future — Principled Discord Pt. 7

Inthis week’s episode of Principled Discord, our host Thierry Arys Ruiz is interviewing Mark Valek, Partner, Portfolio Manager & Researcher at Incrementum AG and the’s Member of Advisory Board. He is Co-Founder of the annual “In Gold We Trust,” report, which is the authoritative report on gold investing. He actively advocates for the importance of the monetary reset and investment in gold. In his interview, he discussed the future of fiat, wealth, and the importance of gold.

The discussion lends itself to understanding why our systems are the way they are. Mr. Valek shares his thoughts on how severely debt reliant financial institutes have become. “In both layers of money creation: the first layer being the central bank, the main assets are debts & government bonds, now; in the second layer, which is the bigger layer, commercial banks’ money is created as loans.”

The systemic failures of said financial institutes have led those like Mr. Valek to think that “the public should have a crash course in the exponential function.”

FRED — Economic Data

According to FRED Data (US Federal Reserve data), the money supply (M2) 15,4 trillion USD As of January 2020… as of December 2020 it was posting 19,20 trillion. With almost 4 trillion dollars, the Federal Reserve has printed nearly 20% of all US Dollars ever created in 1 single year.

The average person needs to have a better understanding of current financial systems is compounded by what Thierry Arys Ruiz has called “a funnel where you have racks and racks of debt building on top of each other.”

AgAu & New Taxonomy of Money

The demand for more options aside from FIAT currencies has been on the rise, the creation of these digital currencies has grown exponentially whether it be Bitcoin or other forms of money. Mr.Valek sees the demand and understands that “with all this digitalization and [increased talks on] digital currencies, there is a connection to the need for the system to have more currencies on a broader level.”


Thierry Arys Ruiz, who has been watching this instability concluded that “most of the bubbles have the root cause in unbacked currency, unbacked credit and excess credit which is created by central banks or by the commercial banks.”

The alternative to our current monetary system has many paths. However, it is evident to Mr. Valek that “one needs to be aware of what is happening and must ultimately reach the conclusion that this monetary system is not sustainable.” Mark Valek and Incrementium AG have developed a Digital & Physical Gold Fund that is designed to achieve substantial capital appreciation with an attractive risk & return profile by investing in physical gold and crypto-currencies.

Follow the link to watch the full episode of Principled Discord Podcast with Mark Valek hosted by Thierry Arys Ruiz, and learn from two industry leaders about upcoming changes in the world’s financial system. Don’t forget to subscribe to Principled Discord’s YouTube channel to watch more episodes.


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